Celia's Blog - 16 March 2023

We are just 4 days out from the Equinox and the solar and galactic energies are so intense.

There was a huge explosion on the far side of the sun a couple of days ago, probably an X Class Flare, which caused an Ion storm earth side.

The Earth has continued to put on a pre Equinox display of color and light in the night time sky. This gorgeous image by Mike White is from New Zealand. It expresses the colors of the Heart!

Equinox is a pivotal moment in the unfolding of the Sacred Year when it is necessary to hold Love and Balance in your Heart. You are holding steady the time spiral that you are currently unfolding. If you can stay in peace and balance, so will your time spiral. If you descend into chaos then so will your time spiral, momentarily.

I like to think of it as a vessel on a potter’s wheel, which was the image used by the ancient Egyptians for the Creator God Ptah. When you hold your creation steady you create a beautiful vase. When you wobble then it become unsteady and unstable and you get a crazy lopsided vase.

That is why we need, right now to stay in peace and balance no matter what goes on “out there”.

I have found that with these intense Solar energies I have felt very dizzy and ungrounded, so I am working strongly on grounding into the Emerald grids of the New Earth. My meditation. project with my community is the celebration of the Sacred Garden Temple on New Earth.

Being in the shady gardens of the Sacred Temple helps me to deal with the intense heat we have right now and an approaching storm for the Equinox.

We are certainly living in interesting times. Remember to rest when you need to, stay hydrated with high frequency water, and stay in your heart’s wisdom and love!

Have a wonderful day!

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