Celia's Blog - 20 June 2023

People often ask me: who are the Royal Star Lions?

They are Angelic Beings of the Elohim Family who came to our Galaxy from the Andromeda Galaxy. They entered via the Lyra Galactic Portal and then moved to the Galactic locations where they were assigned.

These Angelic or Star Lions are white in color, and some of them have incarnated on the Earth.

Many of the Royal Lions went to Sirius and became part of the Royal Star Lion/Sirius Star Teachers teams.

Those who went to Regulus work closely with the Lion’s Gate 8/8 and they are a blue/white color that vibrates with the frequency of Regulus.

In the last few weeks, we have welcomed a new family of Royal Lions, the Royal Solar Lions, who work closely with our sun, Solaris. Especially now, they have come to help to stabilise and bring balance to the powerful flow of Solar flares, Fire Plasma and Fire Codes that are incoming to the Earth.

All of these leonine angelic beings will be with us in the period from Solstice to the Lions Gate 8/8 in August.

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