Celia's Blog - 12 February 2023

Right now we are in the nexus of a powerful combination of creative forces : a Tsunami of Liquid Light/Plasma and a powerful X Class Solar Flare.

The Liquid Light that poured through the Aquarius Gate on the 2/2 is flooding the Earth and sweeping away areas of density and darkness in our lives and on the planet. This is creating turbulence and chaos both on the planet and in our lives. Now more than ever we need to walk the Path of the Pure Heart, where we hold crystalline consciousness and love and compassion for all life on Earth at this time of great transformation. The new Earth is reaching up into new levels of cleansing and purification.

The X Class Solar flare is sending out powerful Light Codes for the initiation of new forms of living and social interaction. We are seeding the new communities of Light and Joy.

So do not worry if you may be feeling a little out of sorts, or emotional or even depressed.

There are powerful forces at work and they are creating a New Earth and a New Future Timeline/Spiral.

Just go with the flow and surrender to what is manifesting and taking form as the new emerges and as we emerge as the new Masters of Frequency in New Earth/New Lemuria.

Have a peaceful Sunday filled with Simple Joy!

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