10 April 2024



Dearly Beloved Friends, as you have passed now through the gateway of the Solar Eclipse on the 8th April past, you are in a state of inner balance and flow. The New Divine Masculine Codes have been activated and integrated and you are ready to begin a new phase of manifesting the New Earth. In this phase the Tree of Life Archetype will play a central role as you move towards the 5/5 Taurus Gate Portal.

The Tree of Life Activates

At the Solar Eclipse, the Tree of Life at the centre of All Creation in this Galaxy activated a new Creation Template. This Template is based on the new Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Codes. It expresses the highest frequency of Creator energy in the Galaxy.

The Tree of Life was the original Template for Terrestrial Life on Earth. It has its roots in the Earth and its branches reach up into the Heavens. Its canopy provides shelter and security for those on Earth, and when forests of trees are created, then all life flourishes.

The New Template that has activated renews the Sacred Covenant of the Tree of Life as an expression of Sacred Life on Earth.

The Original Tree of Mu

In the beginning time, there was only the single Great Continent of Mu (the Mother). At the centre of the continent Creator/Elohim placed a single Great Tree, with an extensive root system and reaching 50 miles into the sky, as its branches reached into the Heavens and creating a link or bridge between heaven and Earth. It became a generator of “creation impulses” on Earth, giving rise to life on Earth and providing shelter for this life, under the direction of the Elohim Angels.

The location of the original tree was in the place you now call Egypt, and the Great Pyramid markes the spot where the original tree was placed. As creation expanded, the Elohim placed four more Great Trees to mark the 4 directions of North, South, East and West.

So, the Great Pyramid at Giza with its square base (4 sides) and its 4 triangles (4×3 = 12) creates the 12 which is the number of community and represents the starting point of Human Community.

As these great trees spread out their branches and foliage, they created a great canopy in the sky that was known as the “firmament”. This was constituted of branches and sacred geometries, and it created a powerful shield to protect life on Earth below.

Soon, the Elohim added 4 more trees to mark the North East and West and the South East and West points, and to create the geometry of the 8 pointed star on Earth, which was a creative design of much power.

Sadly, as eons passed and life expanded and evolved, the Great Trees were unable to hold the canopy in place. The trees fell and the protective canopy was lost. Life continued, but without its original protective shield and connection.

The New Tree of Life

At this time, the Elohim/Creator have activated a new Tree of Life Template that will fulfill the original mandate but in a more efficient way.

The new Tree of Life template is being activated in the Hearts of the Ascended Ones of the New Earth. You are the Tree of Life and you hold it within you. Together you will create a network of Sacred Energies to hold the four Sacred directions and to expand and become the 8 pointed Star of Life on Earth.

Each one of your is a seed point for the new creation. Within you, and within your Heart, is the energy of the New Creation. You are joining together in Sacred Community to truly create Paradise from the Heart.

At the coming Taurus Gate 5/5 Portal, this Template will be fully activated.

The New Earth and the Flow of Creation

This New Template within your heart is activated by the energy pulsations of the Great Heart of Prime Creator expressed through the Tree of Life at the centre of the Galaxy and in the Star Garden of Aldebaran.

As you learn to breathe with the pulsations of the Tree and the Great Heart, you will activate the Tree within your Heart.

As you “feel” into the Sacred Silence of the Sacred Garden of Source, you will connect with the Flow of Divine Creative intelligence that will empower you to create Paradise according to the New Template. Each one of you has a role to play in this new creation.

Beloved Ones, we wish you much joy as you unfold with this New Template of Creation that is within your Hearts.

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