11 July 2023



Lions Gate 8/8 by Rosa-Maria Marquez

Beloveds, so you stand once again at the Lions Gate Portal, ready to begin another cycle of evolution and creation on Earth. In the last cycle you made enormous shifts of consciousness in your journey towards activating what we call the Galactic “Deep” Human Template.  You have activated your Light Body and your 13 Chakra system, and also the Aqua and Emerald aspects of your being.  Now, at the Lions Gate, you connect with the Diamond Starfire, a deep Galactic energy of the Elohim Angelic Family.

`The Star Teachers from Sirius, the Royal Star Lions and the Solar Fire Lions are here to guide you as you approach the transit of the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate once again.  Know that at this time it is so important to stay in your Heart Center, in your Pure Heart and Soul, and aligned with Heaven and Earth.

In the last months, you have expanded your consciousness at an accelerated rate.  You are now approaching the fully Galactic Human state.  This means that you are able to access Cosmic and Galactic frequencies in your waking state.  This, of course, gives you access to increased layers of Information, Light, Love and Healing.

This new expanded state of consciousness may mean that at times you may feel “weird” and “spacey” as though you are “outside” of yourself.  Indeed, your energy field is so wide and powerful that at times you may indeed feel like it is impossible to contain your energy within your physical body. Also, as your brain cycles rapidly from Beta frequencies to Alpha, Theta, Delta and Omega and beyond, you may experience feelings of vertigo and dizziness as well, as your body acclimates to these new abilities and functions.  It may take a while to integrate, but you will soon master these energies as you have mastered previous grand shifts in the Ascension process.

At the Lions Gate you will have an opportunity to integrate and align these energies as you prepare for the next exciting cycle of creation and change.  This will be made more intense and creative by the arrival and activation of the Diamond Starfire energy and the presence on Earth of the Diamond Starfire Children.

The Diamond Starfire Children

Dear ones, you may remember how important the Indigo and Crystal children were at the beginning of your Ascension journey.  The Indigos were a generation of children who were born with the energy to be “systems busters” and to break down old energies and systems to prepare the way for the New Earth.  The first wave were the Spiritual Warriors, the second wave were the Warriors of the Heart who in turn prepared the way for the Crystal children.

The Crystal Children were a generation of clear, pure and Galactic souls who held the energy for you to connect with your Angelic and Galactic families and to reconnect with the Earth.

So, here you can see a generational pattern, where incoming waves of advanced souls hold space for ongoing Ascension and Transformation.  The children are important!

Now is the time of the Diamond Starfire children, who started arriving on the Planet in 2017.  They are now half way through their first wave cycle, and their energy is being felt as they hold space for the next steps in the creation and manifestation of New Earth.

They are Pure Souls and Pure Hearts, and they are Powerful beings.  The Diamond Starfire energy itself is a powerful energy of creation and manifestation.  These children are able to manifest and create by moving energy and frequency with Love and Joy.  They are here to teach you how to focus your new Starfire energise that you can manifest and create at this advanced level and so create the New Earth.  They are holding space so that you can take the next step.

They will be your children and grandchildren and part of your communities.  They will bring Divine Unconditional Love and the expanded Starfire consciousness.

They will help you to connect to your Heart and raise your frequency to the new levels.  They will connect you to your Soul and the Purity of who you are, for nothing else will work for them in their social connections.  If you are a caretaker for one of these beautiful souls of this generation, you will need to support them to fully incarnate into their physical bodies so that they can undertake their mission of creating New Earth Community in the Aquarian Energy.

We wish you a Magical and Joyful Planetary New Year and a Smooth Transit through the Lions Gate.

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