Celia's Blog - 1 July 2023

Today is the first day of July, a very powerful and wonderful month for Earth. The Sun is in Cancer, a water sign that focusses on home and family, but moves into Leo, the sign of the Lions Gate later in the month.

Important also is the Bright Star Sirius, which moves towards its heliacal rising with our Sun. This means that Sirius is seen in the sky alongside the Sun at dawn, creating the impression of two suns. These were called the White Sun and the Blue sun by the ancient Egyptians.

Sirius is the home star of the wise Star Teachers who worked with the Egyptians to remind them of the knowledge that was lost at the fall of Atlantis. They continue to bring us Light Codes and Wisdom at the time of the Lions Gate, which are amplified by our Sun. And of course, as the Sun is very active right now these Light Code energies are intensified.

The Royal Star Lions and the Solar Fire Lions are also very active, preparing for the Lions Gate, that Sacred Portal that begins another spiral and cycle of our journey on Earth.

Archangel Michael speaks of the emergence now also of the Galactic Deep Human, who can dive deep into the Earth layers and rise high up to Source, gathering many levels of wisdom. This new ability is why so many of us feel weird and spacey, as our brains are operating on all frequencies from alpha to delta and omega, and all in our waking state. We will learn to integrate this with “normal” life.

Also exciting is the emergence of a new generational wave of incoming souls called the Diamond Starfire children, or Starfire children. They have been incoming since 2017 to assist us to raise our frequencies to New Earth level. They are powerful and sensitive and deeply connected to the Earth and to their Galactic and Angelic Roots. They are compassionate and pure souls whose mission is to assist us to create New Earth and New Earth communities.

So we can expect July and August to be full of Magic and Mystery and a little weirdness as we welcome Star Lions, Starfire children and the Sirian Star Teachers into the energies! And of course, I will be offering my usual Lions Gate webinars, which you can find out more about here.

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